February 16, 2019

Today’s Specials, Feb.16:
*Especiais Portugueses/Portuguese Specials*
– Sopa de Cozido;
Vegetable Soup cooked in water from boiled Pork and Beef.
– Polvo a Lagareiro c/Batatas a Murro;
Grilled Octopus w/Onions, Peppers and Potatoes.
– Cozido a Portuguesa;
Variety of Boiled Meats and Vegetables.
*Especiales Mexicanos/Mexican Specials*
– Pozole;
Spicy Pork Soup.
– Parrillada Mixta;
BBQ Mix.
– Pescado a la Diabla c/Arroz y Frijoles;
Fish in Hot Sauce w/Rice and Beans.
– Salmon Azado c/Vegetales;
Grilled Salmon w/Vegetables.
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